Buddhism, Nietzsche, Jung, Christianity, and Plato: Religious and Philosophical Themes in Westworld

Lost Among the Walking Dead

HBO recently aired the finale of the first season of Westworld, answering many of its most important questions and mysteries (Who is the Man in Black?  What is the Maze? Who is Wyatt? Were there multiple timelines? Are there other parks?). There are many blogs, sites, and podcasts devoted to the show in which you will find theories and discussions about the multiple mysteries of the show (see some recommendations at the end of the article, although I particularly recommend Joanna Robinson’s coverage of the show in Vanity Fair). This post though will only outline some of the many religious and philosophical ideas behind the show, something that you don’t see covered so much in most articles and sites dedicated to Westworld. The point of the article is not to conclude that the creators have purposefully used these religious and philosophical ideas to construct the unique worldview of the…

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